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    The moving process is no picnic, whether it is across town or across the nation although cross town moves do have some advantages over long distance moving. If you are moving to a new neighborhood that is only a few miles away follow these tips to help keep your costs down and moving day a breeze.


    There is no doubt that as you begin clearing out closets before your move, you will come across a large number of items that you really don’t have a use for anymore. You could toss them in the trash, or make donations with them, or you could earn your moving van money by having a garage sale. Getting the Items Ready for Sale Before you begin to go through all of the items that have accumulated over the years, designate a part of your home to place those things you are going to sell. This will help you to keep things organized right from the start. Keep like items together such as clothes, books and toys together to make it easier when it is time to set the garage sale up outside.

  • How to Pack a Self-Storage Unit
    8 years ago by Jeremy Baker in Moving Tips

    With careful planning, a self-storage unit can be an effective extension of your storage needs. If you are considering a storage unit for your overflow of not yet ready to part with non-essentials, we have put together a few tips that will help you maximize the space, and still allow you access when needed.

  • Movers Are Late! Now What?
    9 years ago by Jeremy Baker in Moving Tips

    All of your worldly possessions are in boxes, the keys to your new home are already on your key ring and you are pacing up and down an empty hallway staring at your watch. Or worse, you have taken possession of your new home and are stuck there without even a couch cushion to sit on while trying to get a hold of someone at the moving company.


    If you are not organized with your unpacking, your new home can look like a sea of cardboard and bubble wrap once all of the boxes have been unpacked. To avoid this, have a plan in place for unpacking and the extraneous packing supplies before you pull the tape off of the first box.

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