Tips on Moving Across Town: How to Set the Cross Town Wheels in Motion

7 years ago in Moving Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

The moving process is no picnic, whether it is across town or across the nation although cross town moves do have some advantages over long distance moving. If you are moving to a new neighborhood that is only a few miles away follow these tips to help keep your costs down and moving day a breeze.

Still Hire a Moving Company – If you think that you can get away with your friend’s pick-up or a few trips in your own car, think again. Unless you are moving from your parents house, it is likely that you have big furniture items to think about not to mention heavy boxes. Your back is going to appreciate having those professionals on hand to move that heavy credenza from the living room.

Plus consider the time and gas issue, do you really want to waste both of those running back and forth multiple times? If you rent a truck for the few hours that it will take, you may pay considerably less than if you make the move yourself.

Get Rid of Your Junk – Moving is the perfect time to get rid of all the stuff you have accumulated that no longer serves a purpose. Have a yard sale or get the tax credit by donating old clothes, books and those knick-knacks you no longer care about.

Skimp on the Boxes – Where you can, pack your household goods in containers that you already have. Since this is a quick move, you can get away with using discarded boxes from the grocery or liquor store. The money saved can be put towards your first take-out meal in your new home.

Don’t Pack Your Clothes – Instead, leave your clothes in the dresser drawers and secure them with rope or tape so they don’t open during the move. The clothes that are hanging in closets can be kept on the hangers and covered by plastic bags. These you can place in the back of your car for the move or on top of the boxes once the moving van is packed.

Clean Your New House Before You Move In – Since you have the luxury of only needing to drive across town, head to the house first thing in the morning to make it move in ready. Bring with you all of your cleaning supplies along with your vacuum and give your new home a squeaky clean start. Your partner can stay behind to supervise the packing of the truck while you prepare your house in advance.

Bring With You the Box of Essentials – Inevitably you are going to need a hammer and possibly a screwdriver when you start setting up your new home. Pack a small box of these essentials including toilet paper, nails screws and tape to make it easier to put your house back together.

Have Cash on Hand – You are going to need cash on moving day to tip the movers and pay for your first dinner. No one should have to cook the first day they move into a new home, and you should always give your moving team a cash tip when the job is complete.

Always try and approach moving with a positive attitude, no matter how close or far it is. If you start preparing way ahead of time you will be able to alleviate a good part of the stress and maybe even enjoy the feeling of having a new house to call home.

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