5 Great Storage Tips that Will Blow Your Mind

8 years ago in Storage Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

When it comes to moving and relocations, storage is never far behind. People sometimes require the services of a storage facility for different reasons. It could be because their new, temporary home is significantly smaller than the previous one. It could also be because the new house is not yet fully furnished so your stuff needs temporary storage. Or it could also be because you need to move ASAP and just need a fast and safe place to store your belongings.

No matter the reason, storage can be a real lifesaver for many people. So for those of you who are considering it today, here are 5 tips that will be a great help for first-timers:

1. You Can Actually Get Free Storage

If you’re hiring a full service moving company (which means they do all of the work from start to finish), chances are, they offer free temporary storage to their clients. Just remember that they don’t always publicize this fact. If you don’t ask then they likely won’t offer it readily. Movers often have free storage facilities which you can use for a week or two. This is perfect for sudden instances when your new home or apartment isn’t quite ready yet. Just be careful not to exceed the allowed timeframe or else you’ll get charged.

2. Stack and Pack

When you do choose to rent a storage unit, remember that you are paying for the entirety of the space. This means that you can actually fill it to the ceiling. So if you have several boxes, you can stack them on top of one another. Just make sure to place the bigger and heavier boxes on the bottom first before putting the lighter boxes on the top. This way, the weight won’t crush the other items below.

An additional reminder, make sure to give at least 1 inch of an allowance between your boxes and the walls. This will allow for good air circulation.

3. Avoid Getting Injured with a Foot Stool

Trying to reach boxes on top of a pile can be a recipe for disaster! If you don’t have the right tools with you, you could easily damage your goods or worse, injure yourself. To avoid this, be prepared by keeping a handy footstool inside the storage unit. This way, you can grab it anytime you need to reach up the box pile.

The same goes for hammers, screwdrivers, scissors and other tools. It’s wise to keep a toolbox inside the unit itself so that you can easily use them when needed. They’re great for assembling and disassembling furniture.

4. Re-Purpose the Fridge

Your bulky refrigerator is taking up precious space. But don’t worry because you can use it much like a cabinet as long as it’s properly cleaned and dried out. You can actually place books and other things inside it. Just remember to keep the ref door open so air can pass through.

5. Divide and Conquer

All too often, people go packing crazy when filling up their storage unit. And then when it’s time to get specific stuff out, they throw their hands up and cry because they have no idea on how to get the stuff at the back. To solve this, you can divide your items and leave a corridor of space in the middle of the unit. This will serve as your walkway. And of course, to make your life easier, be a boy scout and make sure each box is properly labeled.

A Few Reminders…

Just a few basic reminders for storage, make sure to rent a facility that preferably has climate control. This way you don’t need to worry about changing temperatures damaging your goods. You should also rent a facility that has a good security system in place because nothing beats having peace of mind.

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