How to Pack Your Garage for a Move

8 years ago in Packing Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

Your garage can be one of the most challenging areas of your home to get packed and ready for a move. This is usually where the heavy tools are, gas powered equipment and an assortment of odds and ends. Before taking on this challenge check out these helpful tips:

Have a Garage Sale

Start by going through all of the items you have stored in your garage and or the outside shed – another tricky area to pack- and get rid of those things you no longer have any use for. Plan a garage sale for one or two weekends to sell what you can, and then either donate or trash the rest. Once your garage contains only essential and useful items, you can make an effective plan of attack for packing it all up and getting it to your new home.

Gas Powered Gardening Tools – Lawnmowers, weed trimmers, chainsaws and any other tool that uses gas or oil should be drained first. The rental truck company will demand this as those types of tools present a fire hazard. Break them down as much as possible by removing handles or wheels and put the pieces inside of large sturdy boxes. Any type of sharp service, such as lawnmower blades should be covered in a cloth to prevent anyone from getting hurt, and any of your other items from being damaged.

Garden Tools – Shovels, rakes, and hoes can be bound together with rope, again covering the sharp edges with fabric. Small hand held tools are usually light and can go inside of a box with other outdoor items like garden hoses. Any shelving you are using for storage in the garage should be disassembled, with the pieces bound together. If screws and nuts are used, place them in a plastic bag and tape that bag to one of the shelves to ensure that they are not lost during the trip.

Work Tools – Small tools should be organized into your tool boxes which can then be latched. Wrap them in moving wrap as well to avoid the drawers or cabinets from opening during transit. Power tools can be boxed inside of large plastic tubs using packing paper to fill in any voids. Smaller boxes are needed for heavy tools, and it is recommended that you either use a heavy gauge cardboard or plastic containers to move these items into your new home.

Sports Equipment – Sports equipment should be packed together into boxes with labels. Since balls, gloves and skates are also oddly shaped like tools, you are going to need to use packing material to fill the spaces. If you have larger items like skis, bind them together and wrap them in protective sheets of fabric or bubble wrap. Not only does that keep them from being scratched, it will minimize damage to other items if they were to fall over during the move.

It will seem daunting at first, but if attacked right, packing up your garage won’t be that much different than the rest of the home. You do have awkward and heavy items to think about, but so long as you have covering materials and tape, there will be a spot for everything to make it to your new home.

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