Everything You Need to Know When Moving Off-Campus

8 years ago in Packing Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

Have you had enough of the dorm life and think you are ready to take on housing off-campus? This is a big responsibility and should be given a good deal of thought before making a final decision. This is a big change from what you are used to and is going to require planning before you are able to call an off-campus housing facility home.

Are You Ready Financially to Move Off-Campus?

Off-campus living is going to be expensive compared to dorm life. First of course is the cost of rent, plus in most cases utilities, like electricity, gas and water. You will first have to decide how much you can afford (or your parents) before you can even begin to look into a an off-campus home.

Most students alleviate these costs by finding a roommate or two to split the bills with. This is a good solution so long as you are all on the same page as to what acceptable living is. If you are a serious student who needs quiet time to study, you are not going to want to pair up with the campus party animal.

Consider Other Expenses

Hopefully you will find an apartment that is furnished, otherwise you will be either sleeping and eating on the floor, buying new furniture or having a moving van bring you your bedroom set from home. Furniture is just one thing to think about. There are also kitchen necessities like pots and pans to cook on and plates to eat off of. All of this can add up fast, especially if you are planning on living alone.

Moving Off-Campus

If you are able to swing it and have found a perfect new place to call home for your college years, you next need to make arrangements for moving in. Pack your dorm room belongings carefully into boxes and label them with what is inside. Do the same with those items that you will be taking from your parent’s home. If you are buying new plates or kitchen utensils, the boxes they come in are perfect for shipping the way they are.

Items You are Likely to Forget

Even seasoned movers will forget about certain items when moving into a new home. Before your move to off-campus housing make a trip to a discount store and pick up:

  • Cleaning Supplies – All purpose cleaner, dishwashing detergent, broom, dustpan, mop and glass cleaner. You may also want cleaning towels, a bucket and of course laundry detergent.
  • Bathroom Supplies – Shower curtain, non-slip mat for the shower, rug for the floor, toilet brush. Plus of course your personal hygiene products like soap and shampoo and a caddy to hold it all.
  • Other Kitchen Essentials – Hot plates, pot holders, dish towels, area rug, silverware tray. You may also need some small appliances like a coffee maker or toaster.

Of course once you get moved into your off-campus housing you are going to find that you are in need of little things here and there to make it feel more like home.

The first apartment is always an exciting experience and very different from what you were used to in the dorm. If you plan right, choose a good roommate and ensure that all of your creature comforts are able to be met, this may turn out to be the best time of your college life.

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