How to Move a Piano

7 years ago in Moving Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

Having a piano in your home is a big investment, and something that you want to protect at all costs. If you are moving, getting it to your new location can be a challenge, especially if you have to navigate stairs or an elevator.  A piano is not just heavy, it is awkward to move and prone to damage. But if it absolutely necessary to move yours, then here are a few tips to help make it easier:

Get Help

This should be obvious, but let’s clarify. Your wife is not considered help in this situation. A piano is fragile, especially the legs, you are going to need brawny help from a buddy or two or even three if possible. Your best bet is a total of four strong guys who are each able to grab one corner.

Piano Protection

The keyboard lid needs to be closed and secured in place.  The keys are very sensitive and easily damaged. Not too mention the likelihood of the lid breaking off if unexpectedly opens during the move. Hopefully yours locks, but if not you will have to make sure that it is in the closed position before wrapping the piano in padding.

That is the next step in protection for the piano, rent heavy duty furniture blankets and padding and wrap the entire piano up like a present. When taping the padding in place, make sure that it does not contact the surface of your piano or the wood could be damaged.

Other Equipment

A furniture dolly and heavy duty straps are going to come in very handy for moving the piano, especially if you only have one helper. This will make moving it a bit less painful for your back.

Lifting the Piano

So far you know that the keys need extra protection, and that tape should not come in contact with the wood. Well a piano also has to be moved upright. If you start turning it on its sides you can ruin the inner mechanisms. Plus you can’t lift it by the legs, they are too fragile. Your only choice is to have someone at each corner to lift and move.

The Best Way to Move a Piano

Your best chance at getting the piano out of the house and onto the truck with no damage is to have a group of professionals take care of the job. They have experience in moving awkward and heavy items like a piano and will put that expertise to good use with yours. Let them know that you have a piano that needs to be moved so that they can make sure to bring the right equipment.

When you have an investment piece like a piano, you don’t want to take any chances in it being destroyed in a move. Entrust it with a reputable company who knows exactly how to handle furniture of this size.


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