Long Distance Movers Payment Structure Explained

7 years ago in Moving Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

Making a long distance move takes a lot of logistical planning and a ton of patience. For this type of undertaking, most people will turn to a professional moving company that has experience in transporting items over long distances.

There are a number of services available with a long distance moving company that will affect the cost to you. The first thing of course being the distance between locations. You will be charged a lot more if moving from Connecticut to Florida then if you were just relocating to Pennsylvania.

The second factor is the amount of personal belongings to be transported and their weight. Since the cargo weight affects the gas mileage of the moving truck, it only makes sense that they would charge more for heavier loads. Some companies may also charge for dimension, making it more expensive if you have to use a larger truck.

How to Estimate the Cost of a Long Distance Move

The best way to get an idea of how much your long distance move will cost is to get in touch with a few different companies to do an in-house estimate or one on-line. Experienced movers have a general idea of the weight and size of your belongings based on the number of rooms in your home and can give you a ball park figure based off of that information and your final destination.

On average, living dwellings will weigh:

Home SizeWeight in Pounds
Studio Apartment2,000 pounds
1 Bedroom Apartment3,500 pounds
2 Bedroom Apartment4,500 pounds
2 Bedroom House6,000 pounds
3 Bedroom House8,500 pounds
4 Bedroom House13,500 pounds


These numbers may vary slightly, depending on the amount and type of furnishings you have. A house full of antique sofas and cabinetry will weigh more than a sparsely furnished modern home.

Using these estimated weights, it would cost approximately $7,000 to move a 3 bedroom home from Connecticut to Florida, which is a distance of 1420 miles from Hartford to Miami. The same move to Philadelphia, which is a distance of 210 miles, will cost $4,000 dollars. So here you can see how much distance between the locations plays a role in the final cost of the move.

Since you are unable to change where you are moving to, the only way you have to reduce the cost is to reduce the weight of your load. Consider selling or giving away any items or furniture that you no longer like or need.

While the cost of using a moving company for a long distance move may seem excessive, when you start considering the cost of a rental truck, gas, tolls and of course your time, this is often your most inexpensive option. Take the time to get a number of estimates and you will find that at the end of the move, the expense of having your treasured items in safe hands was well worth it.

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