Local Movers Payment Structure Explained

7 years ago in Moving Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

Moving is a big stressor for many people, even if only upgrading to a larger home in the next town. Local moves are considered to be within 100 miles of each location. Anything more than that will fall under a different pricing structure.

With the amount of time involved, and work needed, smart movers look into hiring a reputable company to make the local move for them. If you are concerned about the cost of this service, first take a look at what a moving company will take care of for you.

The Basic Move

If you have the time to pack and protect your own belongings, then the basic move includes loading, transporting and then unloading of all of your personal belongings. In some cases there may be an extra charge for extra large or fragile pieces such as a piano or big screen TV.

You take care of the packing and unpacking yourself, along with all of the packing supplies you are going to need.

Movers will typically charge by the hour, and per person at rates between $25 to $35 each. If you wanted the company to do the packing for you, it would be at that same rate. There may also be hikes of up to 20% if you are moving on the weekend or even during the summer.

Other Additional Costs

Some movers will offer the rental of a special box designed for moving plasma TVs. These are expensive and delicate items that are well worth the extra expense to ensure there safety. Expect the rental for this special packing item to cost approximately $50.

If you have an excessive amount of stairs, or if the moving truck will be a considerable distance from the door, you may be quoted a higher price. One way to cut down on the labor is to bring as many of the boxes to the loading area yourself before the movers arrive. You will be amazed at the amount of time spent walking back and forth to the truck.

Insurance is also something to consider and can be as high as 30 cents per pound. You should not skimp on this charge, as it offers you added protection in the event of any accident.

Don’t forget to tip each mover when the job is completed. The total tip should be between 7 and 15% of your moving costs divvied up between each mover. If there was a clear “in-charge” mover, you should give him a little more of a tip then the others.

The best way to figure the cost is by getting an estimate from a number of different local moving companies. Make sure that they all have the exact same information about the type of items you have to move and the services you require. This will ensure that each quote accurately represents what your needs are.

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