How Does the Commercial Moves Service Industry Work?

8 years ago in Moving Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

Moving businesses and companies from one location to another presents unique challenges that home movers don’t have to face. This is a specialized service industry that places a large emphasis on taking down a business and setting it up at a new location.

There are a number of services to consider when getting ready to make a commercial move. Whether a big company, or small business, you will need to consider what types of special needs your commercial move is going to have:

Office Breakdown and Set Up:

If you are taking the entire office with you, you need to consider the office furniture you have. Modular furniture is all interconnected, making it difficult to disassemble and reassemble on your own. A professional commercial mover will be able to break that all down for you and put it back up at your new office location.

Technical Equipment:

It is likely that your office contains a number of computers, printers, scanners and other electrical equipment. As a part of breaking down an office space, there are commercial moving companies that are proficient at disconnecting this equipment, packing it for optimum protection and then reconnecting it in your new locale.

Office Shredding:

If you have no interest in taking old and dated files and paperwork, ask about office shredding services. This is a safe and affordable way of getting rid of sensitive documents that you no longer have a need for.

Store Fixtures:

A small business that is changing location is not going to want to lose out on the fixtures they have acquired to display their goods. Commercial movers will have the know how to break those down and then set them back up in your new location. They are also experienced in transporting glass cases and will take great care to ensure that yours are well protected.

The commercial moving industry makes up less then 30% of the total movers in operation. This is a specialized service that will be involved in shipping an array of different items from delicate original artwork, to commercial sized equipment like walk in freezers. The prices for these types of services vary greatly depending on the scope of the project.

Since this is a complex project, the business is usually assigned a moving coordinator who will survey all of the needs, and then give a fixed rate quote for the job. Hourly rates for the moving team, gas mileage, and special technical knowledge will all be taken into consideration. Special services will also be added to the fixed price quote, such as furniture assembly and electronic installations. Look over the quote carefully to ensure that all of your needs are going to be covered.

In order to receive quality service at the best possible rates, you should research various commercial moving companies that service your area. Ask for online quotes, but go with the company that can best serve the unique challenges that your business provides.

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