Can You Ride With the Movers in the Truck?

7 years ago in Moving Tips
Jeremy Baker
Moving Specialist

Riding with your things from old house to new home seems like such an enticing proposition. Instead of arranging transportation you get a “free ride” with someone else behind the wheel. Maybe even take a nap on your couch while the moving truck is roaring down the interstate.

If that sounds too good to be true, it is. No reputable moving company is going to agree to taking you along for the ride, especially inside of the cargo bay. They won’t take your pet either, and some even shy away from plant life.


To start, your typical moving truck only has room in the front for the driver and one or two passengers, and those spots will be taken up by the moving crew. This leaves only the cargo area for you, or any other additional passengers. The cargo area has no passenger restraints to protect you in the event of an accident. In fact, even a sharp turn could send you flying around. And speaking of flying around, you can be seriously hurt if some of your stuff were to do that too.

The mover’s insurance company will not cover any injury to an individual that was riding in the cargo area. And in some states, there are even laws that prohibit it. By allowing you to ride in the cargo bay, the moving company is opening themselves up to a big liability.

Safety aside, there is also not a lot of fresh air back there, which is why most movers aren’t even going to allow a live plant to be transferred. Spending time in the cargo area is the equivalent of being locked in a parked car with the windows rolled up.

What if I Hitch My Car?

For those who are moving long distances and having their car moved as well, riding along is still not an option. Again, even if you are sitting in your own car that is being towed by a moving van, no insurance company will cover the damages if you are injured.

So How do I get to My New Home?

You can drive your own car or have someone else drive you. If it is a long distance move and you are reluctant to put the miles on your car, the moving company can transport it and you and your family can fly to the new destination, or take a train or even the bus. You have many options to consider, even renting a car, but riding along with your belongings is not one of them.

Coordinate with the movers so that you arrive at your new home just before they do, or at the same time. You are going to need to find your own mode of transportation, but whatever that may be, you and your family will be safer than in the cargo area.

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